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VPN Service
Silverland VPN Service

Are you having the following experience?
  1. You have restricted access to the internet and cannot access various sites and resources.
  2. You want to surf anonymously and securely.
  3. You are on a public network and you are worried others are monitoring your network traffic.
  4. You need to secure your internet communications but don't know how.
  5. Your ISP has blocked you from accessing the email server at your office.
If you answered YES to any of the above then our VPN Service is for you.

You can start using our VPN Service in 3 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to our VPN Service and start using it immediately after your on-line payment.  (price and features are found below)
  2. Install or configure your computer to use our VPN Service after account activation.
  3. Connect your computer to our VPN Server and start using the internet without any boundaries.

Subscribe now and end your internet nightmares!!!

● No more restricted internet access (end all blockages)
● Surf safely and securely with encrypted data (untraceable)
● Use it anywhere in the world (Airport, Cafe, Hotel etc...)
● Access public WiFi with encrypted internet traffic
● Prevent others from seeing where & what you are accessing
● Affordable & flexible subscription options
● Immediate account activation
● Install it in 3 minutes

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What is VPN?
 ● How it works.
Virtual Private Network Service Plan


General Features VPN Service
Standard Plan
Private IP 1
High Speed, Unlimited Access Yes!
Hide Your Real IP Address Yes!
Unblocked Internet Access Yes!
Makes All Of Your Communications Private Yes!
Secures Web, Email, Video, IM, P2P
Simple, One-Click Operation! Yes!
Uses Industrial Strength Encryption & Hides Your IP Address
Works With Windows XP, Vista, 7 & Apple Mac OS X Out Of The Box Yes!
No Extra Software Needed Yes!
Prices VPN Service
Standard Plan
Setup Fee Free
Monthly Price US$35
Yearly Price (2 months free!) US$350

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