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How it Works

Silverland's VPN service creates a protective shield around your laptop or  desktop that prevents any users from attacking or scanning your system from the local network that you're using to connect to the Internet. It also encrypts all of your traffic destined for the Internet so that whether you're using wireless (hotspots in cafes, airports, hotels, libraries) or wired (company offices, hotels) connections, you'll always be assured that your traffic isn't being logged or scanned locally.

This protection is especially important for wireless users. Web site addresses, instant messaging, personal information, plain text usernames and passwords and other important information can be broadcast in the clear when using publicly accessible wireless Internet connections. These broadcasts can be easily intercepted (sniffed) by other local users.

Boundless and Borderless
With Sivlerland's VPN service, you will never again be bound (
restricted to various sites) by your ISP or your company's network. Once connected, all your traffic (either through the wireless radio or over a wired Ethernet cable) will tunnel through to our VPN server as though you were accessing the internet from our network. This is all done transparently on your system, and it works perfectly with virtually any applications.

Access from Anywhere
Another benefit is for individuals or employees that often travel to other company locations. Silverland's secure session allows you to bypass firewall rules at that site that may prevent your applications from accessing the Internet. The secure session tunnels 'through' the firewall and provides needed Internet access for business applications. The service will also hide your true local IP address.

Easy to Use
Silverland's service is transparent in use. No extra software is necessary. You only need to spend a few minutes configuring your PC (easy to follow instructions are available and you only need to do this once), and you're ready to connect to our VPN service from anywhere around the world. You can sign up and start using our service in minutes.

What's Right
Whether you're a security conscious individual, a doctor with vital patient information, or a company that's concerned about remote and traveling employees, Silverland has a service plan option for you. Please contact us for more information for picking the right plan for your size business.


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