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CMS Hosting (Deluxe)

General Features Deluxe Plan
Web Disk space 5 GB
Email Disk Space 5 GB
Combined Disk Space (10 GB)
Windows Server 2000 Standard Edition Yes!
Internet Information Services 6.0 Yes!
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 Yes!
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Yes!
Live Web Site Statistics Yes!
Dedicated IP No
On-line Shopping No
Site Index Yes!
Site Search Yes!
On-Site Content Management Training (Hong Kong Only)
2 hours
Web Site Templates 300+
Daily Backup Service Yes!
E-Mail Deluxe Plan
E-mail Accounts 50
Auto Responders Yes!
E-mail Forwarding Yes!
Anti-Virus Yes!
Anti-SPAM Yes!
Web Mail Yes!
FTP Deluxe Plan
FTP Access Yes!
FTP Accounts 5
DotNetNuke Features / Modules Deluxe Plan
Account Login Yes!
Advanced Data Grid Yes!
Announcements Yes!
Banners Yes!
Blog Yes!
Contacts Yes!
Documents Yes!
Events Yes!
FAQs Yes!
Feedback Yes!
Flash Player Yes!
Forum Yes!
Gallery Yes!
HTML Moderated Yes!
HTML On/Off Yes!
iFrame (website within a page) Yes!
Latest Articles Yes!
Light Marquee Yes!
Link Image Yes!
Links Yes!
Localizator (for multi-language) Yes!
Marquee Yes!
Media No
Media Player No
Multi HTML Yes!
Multi Page Content Yes!
News Articles Yes!
News Feeds (RSS) Yes!
Newsletter Yes!
Page Counter Yes!
Redirector (site redirect) Yes!
Repository Dashboard Yes!
Search Input Yes!
Search Modules Yes!
Search Results Yes!
Secure Login Yes!
Side Menu Yes!
SQL Grid Selected View Yes!
Standard Store Account No
Standard Store Admin No
Standard Store Catalog No
Standard Store Menu No
Standard Store Mini Cart No
Advanced Store - Store Settings No
Advanced Store - Products No
Advanced Store - Related Products No
Advanced Store - Categories No
Advanced Store - Adv. Categories No
Advanced Store - Tax Zones No
Advanced Store - Shipping Rates No
Advanced Store - Price Rules No
Advanced Store - Languages No
Advanced Store - Vendor Business Profile No
Advanced Store - Vendor Account No
Advanced Store - Orders No
Advanced Store - Customers No
Advanced Store - Email Marketing No
Advanced Store - Email Blocklist No
Advanced Store - Reviews No
Advanced Store - Feedback No
Advanced Store - Referrals No
Advanced Store - Dashboard No
Advanced Store - Communicator No
Advanced Store - Customer Account No
Advanced Store - Customer Wish List No
Advanced Store - Shopping Cart No
Advanced Store - Mini Shopping Cart No
Advanced Store - Store Menu No
Advanced Store - Store Items No
Advanced Store - Product Search No
Advanced Store - Reports No
Survey Yes!
Text / HTML Yes!
Text / HTML (with language selector) Yes!
Text / HTML Personalized Yes!
T-Minus Yes!
Top Menu Yes!
Ultra Media Gallery (for photos) Yes!
Ultra Video Gallery (for videos) Yes!
User Account Yes!
User Defined Table Yes!
Users On-line Yes!
Visitor Counter Yes!
What's New? Yes!
XML / XSL Yes!
Your IP Yes!
Account Management Deluxe Plan
DotNetNuke Accounts Yes!
Email Accounts Yes!
FTP Accounts No
Web Server Accounts No
Multimedia Deluxe Plan
Photo Gallery Yes!
Video Gallery (Flash) Yes!
Video Gallery (Streaming Media) No
Programming Features Deluxe Plan
ASP.NET 1.1 Yes!
ASP.NET 2.0 Yes!
ASP 3.0 Yes!
JavaScript Yes!
VB Script Yes!
Other Features Deluxe Plan
Domain Names Up to 5
Domains Aliases Unlimited
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes!
Telephone Support Yes!
E-Mail Support Yes!
Instant Messenger Support (MSN Messenger) Yes!
Remote Control Support (Ultra VNC) Yes!
Remote Desktop Connection to Web Server No
Ultra VNC Viewer Connection to Web Server No
Prices Deluxe Plan
Setup Fee Free
Monthly Price HK$400
Yearly Price (2 months free!)  HK$4,000



Optional Features and Jobs Deluxe Plan
Additional Disk Space, 100 MB HK$20/month
Additional Disk Space, 1GB HK$100/month
Additional E-mail Accounts, 5 Accounts HK$100 setup, HK$20/month
Additional Domains/Sites, 5 Domains HK$100 setup, HK$20/month
Additional FTP Users, 5 Users HK$100 setup, HK$20/month
Custom Database (or Website) Backup Settings HK$100 setup, HK$20/month
DotNetNuke Module Installation HK$100
Reinstall or Repair a Portal HK$200 and up
Recovering of Accidentally Removed Site (customer fault) HK$500





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