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30 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy

Welcome to the Silverland Hosting money back guarantee page. This page is here to validate our guarantee policy in a clear simple manner, completely outlines and detailed below. If you have any questions regarding the guarantee policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

Applies to the following packages

    * CMS hosting plans
    * E-Commerce hosting plans
    * VPS hosting plans
    * VPN service plans
    * Web hosting plans
    * Email Hosting plans

Does not apply to the following packages

    * Dedicated servers
    * Server Colocation
    * Administrative paid services
    * Web design
    * Domain names
    * SSL Certificates
    * Any paid "partner software" including but not limited to Skins and Modules.

Customers who qualify for money back policy

    * First time customers only

Does not apply to the following customers with

    * Accounts older than 30 days

The money back policy is strictly validated for the first 30 days upon first order by first time customers only. It is not applied by invoice age on non-first time customers either.

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